An all-female Pinoy group called MICA, has been eliminated from Superstar K, the South Korean TV talent show.

Formed by Filipina sisters, Mylene, Irene, Celine and Almira Gollayan, this group was the only Pinoy group that made it on Superstar K.

The Gollayan sisters performed “I’ll Be There” together with a Korean contestant, Kim Hyeon-mi on its latest episode.

Despite the beautiful performance of the group, the judges still chose to send MICA home. This decision immediately prompted social media fans of the group to oppose the result of the elimination that had occurred. These fans say that the judges were just favoring the Korean contestants of the show. (scroll down for video)

MICA, Pinay group, says Goodbye to their chances of winning TV Talent Show in Korea

A fan commented on the Superstar K Facebook page, “53COUNTRY AND ONLY KOREAN LEFT! Hahahaha are you kidding us??? COMPARED TO MICA, all the Korean contestant left are nothing.”

Still on Facebook, a Filipina fan also commented “If they (are) always biased on Korean talents only, then they should just stop auditioning foreigners, so depressing a lot had tried their best, but still not good enough for their so-called standard of real talent?”

A certain Garth Chase posted on MICA’s official Facebook page “I guess it’s one thing to say they were not blending, ‘cause if they blame the fail of the collaboration to the korean girl…I don’t think that would happen. But it’s too far-fetched to say the kgirl intended her vocal to break ‘cause towards the end, she can reach higher notes compared to the first part…just sayin’. Hope they’d be given a second chance as a wildcard entry.”

On the other hand, some netizens are also in favor of the elimination results as for them, as Superstar K is a talent show that aims to discover the next K-pop star, they explained. Then, they added that MICA’s Korean skills were not up to par.

Also, MICA performed K-pop songs on the show’s previous episodes, an example of such is “Missing You,” by 2NE1.

Watch their “I’ll Be There” performance here:

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