South Korea’s Fifty Shades of Grey parody version had been getting the attention of the netizens by storm. The American book series had been known for ts explicit sensual parts and the Korean version seemed to have added a twist nobody had foreseen, the different 50 shades.

South Korea’s Fifty Shades of Grey Version now Trending

After the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey had been released and trended in various countries all over the globe, SNL Movies decided to create their own version, so creative many admitted they had never seen such version before. It had literally shown 50 shades with the use of shadows.

In the first part of the two and a half minute video, Anastasia and Christian Grey had delivered their well known lines in Korean language. It all seemed to be played along the lines until the first ‘shade was shown’, complete with a name. Some of the shades were done explicitly and in an interesting way. Grey had been following Anastasia everywhere she goes, seriously showing her his various shades until she goes crazy about it.

In just a week, the video posted by SNL movies of YouTube had reached more than 900 thousand views. Many had shared that they enjoyed the short flick and it seemed like a refreshing change.

Too bad not all of the 50 shades shown in the short clip as it only mimics the trailer of the movie.