Nestle Drumstick launches its newest flavor Choco Brownie Fudge. Place your finger on the icon to witness a #FunnerThanEver ice cream experience. Start with the top layer of choco brownies, then slowly work your way to the dark chocolate and milk chocolate ice cream smothered with luscious chocolate fudge, wrapped in a crunchy wafer cone. But just when you think fun is over, you’ll reach the chocolate nugget tip at the end.

They said summer was almost over, but with this heat, I was having doubts, so I headed over to our neighborhood convenience store to chill. I looked around for something to cool me down; almost everything looked the usual. Keeping cool was starting to be a boring routine, especially when summer has been extended indefinitely. But, lo and behold! Something special caught my eye!

It’s the new Nestle Drumstick Choco Brownie Fudge! I can’t believe my eyes, all of my favorites in one package. I did not pass my chance to try it! My first bite on the choco brownies was delectable! The layers of Nestle dark chocolate and milk chocolate ice cream wrapped in crunchy wafer cone were a pleasure to the taste buds, while cooling me off from the summer heat. Then. I finished off with the yummy chocolate nuggets at the tip.

This awesome discovery broke me off my boring cooling off routine. Break away from any other boring routine, and experience something to the next level. You though ice cream was already fun? Nestle Drumstick Choco Fudge proved it could be #FunnerThanEver! Do not miss out on all the fun and head on to your nearest convenience store to experience Nestle Drumstick #FunnerThanEver. You can also share your #FunnerThanEver moments with Nestle Drumstick on the comments section below! For more funny moments visit facebook page

This post has been sponsored by Nestle, but all thoughts are mine.