Apple’s Tim Cook revealed to citizens amidst the Flint Center in Cupertino that the new iPhone6 is the most beautiful phone ever made.

The iPhone 6- and the 6 plus has a deep-seated scheme where glass curves almost around the border of the device and the bigger screen caters a massive, meaningful improvement in user experience compared to its predecessor, the 5s wherein the camera continues to be ignored by most of the users.

Also, the iPhone 6- and the 6 plus forge a difference to its previous form by its increased resolution.

In connection, Apple has touted its grip in the first place in which its sketch is the ultimate differentiator between mobile phones in an age.

Due to rival manufacturers that created phones with larger screens, Apple has set stored by concluding how most users will mingle with a bigger device.

Further, operating the phone using single hand is now possible because of its larger display.

An active screen into the bottom half is brought about by just simply double tapping the button, so it’s apparent and indispensable. Therefore, apple concealed and licensed it resulting to the not stealing of every other manufacturer.

The sleep button of the new device is now on the side.

However, some users may criticize the lack of widgets on the home screen, this make Android revealingly important but with iOS8 Apple polished notifications in such a point that much of that is addressed.

On the other hand, the new A8 processor purveys kind of speeds which make new possibilities in apps realistic but this soon to be discovered what they are.

The new barometer that measures the stairs one climbs is very significant addition but none could test for it.

In the same manner, US Apple Pay is a revolution in prospect but yet to be come into sight in real life.

Furthermore, the main difference in the new iPhone 6 is in schemes and design which in a way, thinner, more powerful, beautifully light but larger and infinitely more elegant. Maybe, this was the phone that iPhone 4 andd 5 have been to prevent the Android tide in its tracks. This simply attests the dominance of Aplle ahead of chasing pack now not taking over quite yet.

These bigger devices secure similar or better performance than their predecessor models, and for the Six Plus that sometimes means double. That is why Apple cannot deliver on that so then everyone’s main frustration with the iPhone dissolves. References: uk