Trending videos of AJ Ramos and Abby Santiaguel’s scandal have now circulated on social media and various online streaming sites.

The said scandalous videos lengths at 16 minutes and the other one at 2 minutes and are said to feature two students from Ateneo who were named by netizens as AJ Ramos and Abby Santiaguel.

Immediately, the hashtags #AteneoScandal and #DLSUScandal exploded on the internet like wild fire and had, apparently, become popular on social media as soon as these videos leaked out.

The reasons why these videos surfaced online still remained unknown but there’s one thing that’s sure about this incident—that those who would convicted for the crime related to the uploading and sharing of the said obscene sex scandal videos are to pay an amount of 100,000 up to 500,000 pesos with 3-7 years of imprisonment,

Warnings and Precaution have been given to everyone that even those who merely shared the videos on social medias and the like will not escape these charges. It is advised that everyone should be careful and keep themselves out of the issue.

It’s been already more than a month since the first Scandal Video of Paolo Bediones had been published and shared online as one would recall. The scandal video part 2, then, had emerged in social media last August 15, 2014 and had the duration of 16 minutes.

That’s not the end of it. There’s more. The scandal video parts 3, 4 and five also came out later.

Based on previous reports made, the primary suspects for the leak of these videos involved in this issue are the technicians who had repaired his laptop computer.

There is no doubt that technology indeed has changed humanity in many ways in this modern world. People can easily get access to one’s private and personal life if one isn’t careful. Everyone must be keen on things we post, upload and share online, especially if we are taking part in doing these kinds of videos.

As much as possible, one should not take intimate videos with your loved ones that you know might put your dignity—or your life—on the line if ever it goes out for the whole public to view.

Be responsible especially now that the technology had advanced too well that people could easily retrieve a file that was deleted long ago in a hard drive and as for those who shared and just liked the video, your actions will reflect on who you truly are and it is highly advised that one should think before you click. Reference: centertechnews