Timothy Bradley, former holder of the welterweight champion title could not believe his ears upon learning the assessment of Chris Algieri regarding the speed of Manny Pacquiao.

It was quoted from Algieri that when Manny fought Tim, the Filipino boxing super star definitely looked fast but Bradley is not really known to be a fast guy.

“But I am,” said Algieri.

On the other end of the note, instead of feeling insulted and offended by Algieri’s words, the Palm Spring’s native nearly broke out into sheer laughter after being shown the video of the New York-based boxer’s interview during the Pacquiao VS Algieri Press Tour last September 3, 2014.

Timothy Bradley Warns on Algieri versus Pacquiao Fight

Bradley mentioned in a statement in an interview with Top Rank.com, he found it hilarious that Algieri had stated that he has quicker speed than Bradley, echoing Algieri’s words in a manner showing utter disbelief.

The former WBO welterweight champion then said that the New York native fighter will eat his words and is bound to learn his lessons about the truth of Pacquiao’s speed on the night of his fateful face to face clash with the Philippine’s dubbed “Pambansang Kamao”.

Bradley warns Algieri that the latter is going to have to change his mind about how his definition of the word ‘fast’. Manny Pacquiao, according to Tim, is all about lightning-fast feet, reflexes and angles and we’ll all have to see that moment of realization for Algieri when he’ll get to know what Pacquiao’s speed is like.

However, Bradley wishes Algieri a Good Luck for their upcoming fight on November 22 in Macau.

Towards the end of the interview, Bradley could not stop asking if Algieri really did claim that he was the faster fighter between the two of them if compared.

“He’s taller, but not faster,” Bradley said in a statement.