From the beginning of our studies in nursery or perhaps kindergarten, we have faced various academical tests. As we get older and step up to the next level of studying, we face harder tests. For the academically inclined, they seem to pass with flying colors even with minimal efforts, but most might be wondering what else could be done to pass the exams.

Must Know Tips on How to Pass All Examinations on All Levels

There are various ways to ace an examination and some are even no brainer when you come to think of it.

1. Do not cram

Study well ahead of the test to be taken. Try not to study the night or a few minutes before the test. This will only be a waste of energy as you are likely to forget those you had read in a breeze. While it is easy to lazy around while the test is still far, you must start grueling with your notes and books even bit by bit. You will find it rewarding when you get to the test day.

2. Make a schedule of study period for yourself.

This is a matter of self-discipline. Everyone has their own studying style and even biological clock. If you are an early bird and prefers to study when most are still sound asleep, sleep early then wake around 3 of 4 am. If your free time starts at 5pm, then go ahead and study at that time. Also, after deciding the study time you prefer, make a schedule of which subject will you take up for a certain timespan. Ask your teacher for some key points that will likely to come out of the test and you can start there.

3. Do not hesitate to approach your teacher.

Many hesitate to ask questions and clarification. Teachers are there to teach and make you understand the lessons. It is natural to be intimidated, but you will give yourself a great favor when you strive to understand what was discussed. That main point you disregarded to ask about just because you are shy or hesitant might be asked on your test. Teachers are there to help you pass your tests through understanding your lessons and they will be more than willing to help if they see your sincerity to learn.

4. Practice, practice, practice

If this is a major exam such as the UPCAT, take time to know the composition of each test, how much time you were given to take it and the items per subset. Practice taking a number of questions within a certain number of minutes. If you encounter a question you have no idea about or seemed difficult, just go on to the next question where you might find some clue, but remember to get back on it. After answering all the items, make sure you did not forget to answer even a single one.

5. Make note cards

Used strips of paper and punch a whole in them to bind them ( Certain note cards can be bought in bookstores). Write the formula in them so you can just flip and read them anywhere like in a car or train.

6. Context Clues

If there are words that are hard to discern, make use of the context clues. How was it used in the sentence? Look at its suffix, prefix and root word. Make sense of the sentence itself.

7. Do not memorize

There is no easy way around it. Tests are created to measure your knowledge and understanding. If you memorize theories verbatim, what will happen if it got mixed up in a different way? It is better to understand rather than memorize. This also applies to math formulas. It is better to know how the answer was found rather than what was the answer.

8. Dive into your Waterloo

Waterloo or your weakness must not be feared. Face it headstrong. Study your weak points and get better on it instead of just delving with the easy subjects. Challenge yourself and it will yield better results.

9. Use acronyms

The rainbow colors are ROYGBIV (red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet). It is indeed hard to remember a series of information and their sequence. Make your own acronym to easily remember them.

10. Essay types

If there are certain essay types of tests, make sure that you answers the question straight to the point then explain why you think so. If it is easier for you, you can first make a quick draft then follow it as you write your essay.

There are many various ways to pass the test but at the end of the day, it will all depend on you. It is better to aim high and do your best rather than regret and think that you could have done better. Keep your eyes on the prize and remember why such grueling task must be done in the first place.