Smart Communications introduces the app in partnership with Facebook, offering their mobile internet service free of data charges. Under its brand Talk N Text, the Smart telco launches the very first app in the Southeast Asia, allowing Filipinos to browse in 24 websites such as Facebook and Messenger with no data charges with their smart phones.

Mark Zuckerberg Introduces FREE Facebook Internet To Philippines
Facebook leads the initiative program of app to bring basic mobile Internet services to the countries who are not yet connected ti the world wide web. Since the launching of the program, app had reached Colombia, Kenya, India, Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia. These countries are now enjoying browsing useful websites without having to worry on data charges.

Talk ‘N Text is known as a brand to reach masses and will now be bannering the project. Smart and Sun subscribers will also be able to use the service. Users can download Android app in Google Play to use service or visit with their preferred mobile browser.

Director of global operator partnerships, Markku Makelainen shared that they are working with the governments, content partners and operators globally to help people get connected to the knowledge economy. They are excited that their program will help people to create opportunities and new ideas.

It had been last year when Smart had launched free internet data access to their subscribers as part of their ‘Internet for All’ campaign. The partnership with Facebook pushes their advocacy to bring internet access to all Filipinos.

How to get FREE internet?

To get the service, simply key in ‘Internet’ and send it to 9999. You can then access 24 website such as, Bing, AccuWeather, Wattpad and certain news sites. You can even check the site of TESDA for training schedule updates, see new job vacancies in Jobstreet and do business in Also, post status and send messages for free with Facebook and Messenger. 

List of services and websites for FREE using

List of services and websites for FREE using

It had been 21 years since the country got first connected in the world wide web, and the app is a great way to commemorate its 21st year this coming March 29, 2015. The internet have been offering vast information that Filipinos can use for getting more life opportunities and ideas that can push the boundaries. Smart Telco had been cooking up various internet promos so subscribers can easily get connected online and app may be the best one yet.