Jennifer Lopez seemed to have given a much deeper meaning to the song ‘Feel the Light’ from the newest animated movie ‘Home’ a she sung on the American Idol stage clad in white dress. It is no ordinary dress as it extends on the ground around J.Lo in a perfect circle.

Jennifer Lopez Performance Wearing Dress You've Never Seen Before

Created by J.Lo’s stylist and costume designer, Mariel Haenn, the skirt of the white gown perfectly fanned out making a perfect canvass for a lot of majestic projected images. According to Haenn, it was an idea they had thought long time ago yet they had to wait for a perfect time to execute it.

J.Lo had the idea of the said performance and when they were filming the music video for the ‘Home’, they even thought making the dress as the projector canvas. It was a performance the artist have always wanted.

In the video, the dress changed colors and seemed to come alive with various projections. With the projections, J.Lo’s dress became majestic and surreal as it also blended with the other images around the artist. Some scenes from the movie was also shown in the dress.

‘Home’ is an animated movie about an alien, ‘Oh’,  who hopes to go home to his planet and a kid who met ‘Oh’ whose life has changed forever.