Graduating season is on and fresh graduates will be marching on to the world of jobs and will soon be hunting for the best option as a stepping stone for their careers. Polishing their resume will be the first thing to do as it will be the first representative that will reach their employers.

Tips for Fresh Graduates to Land on Their Dream Jobs

Every year, thousands of graduates join the group of job hunters and as fresh graduates aspiring to land a job as soon as possible, there must be some way to get ahead of the others.

1. Acquaint yourself with a trade and master it 

It has been years since Canada started to have shortage of skilled labor and this opened for foreign workers to work in the backyard of Canada. There is an increase demand for skilled labor and small supply, and this can be used to your advantage. There are some students who even go straight to working as a skilled worker even after graduating secondary education. Experiencing and knowing a trade sure does count to many employer in the same field.

Campus Regina Public school teaches their Grade 12 students about a trade skill and even gives them a chance to experience 800 hours of apprenticeship. This gives them an advantage once they try to get a job in the same field. Plumbing, carpentry, car machinery and heavy machinery are also fields that demands for more work force.

2. Choose an in-demand field

If you still planning to take a course in college or a skill training, choose from more in-demand fields such as health care, science, math and engineering. Those in these fields are much likely to be preferred by the employers. These top ranked fields have the highest number of employment in the country.

Health Information Management recently had been reported as a growing field. For the next five years, it is estimated to open around 6,200 to 12,200 employment opportunities. It is most likely because those in this field will have a chance to be the middle persons between the clinicians and IT’s or managers.

3. Volunteering

Volunteering may be simple. It could take one summer and you make not get even a single cent out of it but the experience it worth it. Not only did you learn much from the experience but also you have gained something to add on your resume as your job experience or internship.

4. Be an entrepreneur  

You can turn your passion in to a business or even into a work experience. There are certain groups and programs that will help you do this like the Studio Y which helps 25 students each year learn some skills for them to be an entrepreneur such as critical decision making. There is also Futurpreneur that is willing to each and fund talented students or budding business person.

5. Move to a warm city

Vancouver is said to be one of the best city with ocean breeze comming from Stanley Park, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and vast cultural diversity. This is also the place of companies such as some biomedical research, Microsoft, Hootsuite, Amazon, and Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Being a fresh graduate, having advantages from your peers is a great step ahead to the future.