CCTV cameras were introduced in several public places to basically minimize crimes. There are also reported cases of solved crimes because faces of crime suspects were caught by these cameras. But then, criminals were also keen enough in making new “Modus Operandi” to fool people and get valuable things from them.

Car Owners Targetted by Modus Operandi of Laglag Barya Gang

Manilyn Mar went to a Rose Pharmacy branch, near A.S Fortuna at around 12 in the afternoon. She parked her car outside the drugstore and went inside to purchase what she need. She was about to leave the place when suddenly, a guy knocked in her car. The knock was hard and alarming. The man said that her things dropped out of her car. He wanted her out so she can get those things. So she went out and checked her things.

Soon after she heard another strong knock. The man told her that something happened to her car again, when she went out, she saw coins and keys spread near her car. Then she realized something was off. She thought of the modus operandi of “laglagbarya” gang.

Then she raced back to her car. But unfortunately saw that everything vanished. Her bag was gone along with all her valuable things. The man got her wallet including her cash and credit cards, and two gadgets (iPhone 6 and Samsung Note 1). She just saw the guy cross the street as if nothing happened.

Here is the complete Facebook Post.

There was a CCTV in the area and security guards of the Pharmacy she went to, but no one noticed the incident. She was appealing to the public to help her identify the culprit using the CCTV camera footage she got.

Criminals will always have their own ways to fool people so they can get what they want. Just bear in mind that if your instinct tells you that something is off, don’t just carelessly drive in the situation.