Updates are required to almost all gadgets. As a user, you have the authority to make adjustments as to when you’ll want to receive the said updates because of the fact that installing updates take some time to be accomplished. But in the newly launched Windows 10, turning off updates is not as easy as you think.

Users are most likely forced to receive these updates even if it breaks their system. During the installation process, every user are obliged to agree to these terms without additional notice.

Windows 10 OS Doesn't have Option to Disable System Updates for Users

Updates are necessary because it can keep your computer updated which makes it more secure to use. It is a programming discharged by programming merchants, to address security vulnerabilities in their current items. Updates periodically contain bug fixes and item improvement. More than 90% of software updates are to fix security vulnerabilities in projects.

If the system has security gap in it, permit awful things to happen to the PC. Misusing security vulnerabilities in projects to convey malware is a typical technique utilized by cyber criminals.

Though most programming redesigns are created fundamentally to address security gaps in projects, you may go over updates with bug fixes and item upgrades to enhance your operating system.

Even if updates are quiet necessary for your system, it can also make certain drivers and applications to stop working on its own. Windows 10 issued an option upon getting security updates, but now, it was officially removed.

Only home users are affected by this drastic change in Windows 10. Versions like Professional and Enterprise are more likely to still keep the option for choosing the specific update to have. More importantly, updates shouldn’t be the reason for bugs in your computer system, it should have been the aid for it.

Let’s just hope that Windows 10 developers change these involuntary updates so users can still enjoy the newest operating system available in the market. Source: Independent