London based Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) reports available nursing jobs in Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) and care homes. Ireland offers 50 nursing jobs to Filipinos who will qualify their specifications.

Rosalinda Baldoz, Secretary of Labor, shared that an Ireland based foreign placement agency confirmed POLO in London will hire 50 Filipino nurses to be working in Ardmore Care Home Group Limited. There are also two recruitment agencies based in Ireland, Kate Cowhig and TTM Healthcare, looking for local partners to hire nurses for Europe’s HSE. HSE is a healthcare system publicly funded in Ireland.

Job Opening for Nurses in Ireland Announced

Kate Cowhig is and agency that supplies critical care and operating room nurses to six Dublin University hospitals and HSE.

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It has been verified that there are 50 nursing job orders from Triopharm Ltd. Tying up with a licensed Philippine recruitment agency, Serviecon International Corporation, they are now sourcing and selecting candidates for the limited positions.

Those who are aspiring to land a position must be a registered nurse in the Philippines with at least two years of working experience relevant with the position applying for and must have International English Language Testing System overall score of 6.5. The hired applicants will be working in Ardmore with two-year contract and annual salary of P1.70 million (€35,000).

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Furthermore, Baldoz shared that the Filipino workers are not only qualified professionally and good in English, they are also flexible, hardworking and courteous. The required nurses are hoped to fill up the HSE vacancies.

Internationally recruited nurses who are trained outside EU or European Economic Area and want to register with Nursing and Midwifery Board in Ireland must under go supervised nursing or nursing adaptation practiced program. If the applicant is trained in EU but in another state, the nurse must get in touch with the regulatory body where she has been registered. However, nurses in some UE countries were given NMBI registration before their training as mandated by European Directive 2005/36/EC. If you are in such an EU country, the request for the Certificate of Current Professional Status will be sent automatically to the NMBI.

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The government reminds Filipino applicants to deal with registered recruitment agencies and only use legal processes when applying for jobs in their preferred country.

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